Why Fitzroy?

As the slightly impertinent offspring of Regal House Publishing, Fitzroy Books offers an appealing alternative for Young Adult and New Adult authors seeking publication, an alternative to the circuitous, lengthy route of traditional publishing and to the go-it-alone, often expensive, self-publishing avenue. At Fitzroy, we pride ourselves on our open submission policy that doesn’t require an agent (though queries from literary or secret agents are welcome too), and on the in-house editing provided by our staff – a perk growing more unusual in the publishing world where the responsibility and expense of editing now routinely fall to authors. We believe that the publication of a fictional work is a collaborative process between author and publisher, one to which both parties contribute from the initial editing process through the implementation of pre- and post-publication marketing campaigns. We are dedicated to the publication and promotion of high-quality YA and NA novels and—are passionate about supporting the writers who pen them. While the fictional subject of YA/NA literature often comprises teenage drama, we endeavor to remove all such sources of angst from the publishing process. Learn more about Fitzroy Books.

Now Accepting Submission Directly From Writers

At Fitzroy Books we seek to emancipate and embolden writers of Young and New Adult fiction through our open-door submission policy that encourages authors personally to submit their manuscripts to Fitzroy’s acquisition editors. We welcome queries from agents as well, but writers themselves may send a synopsis of their novels, a query letter, and the first three chapters or first fifty pages directly to us at submissions@fitzroybooks.com. We will reply immediately to let you know your submission has been received, and let you know within two weeks if additional chapters are required. Learn more about our submission policies here.

Learn more about our submission policies.

Author Benefits

At Fitzroy Books, we are ardently devoted to our authors. While there are advantages to having a literary agent, it can be as difficult to sign with an agent as it is to find a traditional publisher. At Fitzroy we firmly believe in welcoming un-agented authors, which we do through open submissions and higher royalties for independent authors. Every Fitzroy writer we represent gets detailed editorial consultations as their manuscripts go through several tiers of editing. In the initial stages, authors work closely with Fitzroy’s acquisition and content editors and subsequently with our senior editor for line-by-line grammatical polishing. Josephus Daniels declared that "dullness is the only crime for which an editor ought to be hung," and a gallows-fate from which Fitzroy editors, then, are safely exempt! Not only does this focused editorial process produce the most professionally polished manuscripts, ones of which both author and Fitzroy can be proud, but it saves our authors between three and five thousand dollars that vanity presses conventionally expect authors to expend. We are simply thrilled to be working with authors and often find this editing process to be one full of enthusiasm and excitement on both sides.

Publicity and Marketing

We Fitzroyals are perpetually seeking innovative ways to market and promote our authors’ works. We have vigorous pre-publication marketing strategies that consist of posted reviews on reputable sites, organized blog tours, online Blogtalk radio interviews, and help for authors who wish to plan book release party events. Online marketing continues post-publication in conjunction with organizations such as Literary Fiction Review, a reputable review agency that specializes in “supporting writers of the well-crafted phrase, whose works comprise thought-provoking plots and that contain characters of depth and complexity.” LFBR's Book Club Central program connects authors with their reading demographics by providing discussion guides and interactive platforms book club members can use to reach out to the authors of their selected novels. In addition, Fitzroy authors may develop dynamic roles that maximize visibility on our own Off the Precipice literary promotion platform as discussion hosts or competition judges. Read more about our marketing platform and the dynamic opportunities available to Fitzroy authors at Off the Precipice. Read more about our marketing endeavors.

Website and Social Media Services

We maximize our authors’ online buzz both before and after publication by offering our writers websites designed by our web design staff using the latest in Dreamweaver software. Writers wishing to take advantage of this web design service will be charged 95 USD, with a subsequent annual renewal cost of 40 USD. Custom website design can cost anywhere from five hundred dollars into the thousands, and we are proud to be able to offer our authors this professional, cost-effective solution. If authors already have an established site, we will provide a static author page on the Fitzroy site with links to authors’ websites. If our authors do not already possess professional author accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, we will happily create accounts for them. The web site and social media accounts will serve as the basis for their own online presence, which writers themselves will be encouraged to grow and maintain. Fitzroy writers are actively and diligently promoted via our own extensive social media platform on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GooglePlus and Off the Precipice. Moreover, Fitzroy provides its authors with their own personal Fitzroy website pages within the Fitzroy site that link to virtual storefronts such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound.

Fitzroy Authors

As a growing imprint of Regal House Publishing, we are thrilled to be forming partnerships with talented writers of Young Adult and New Adult fiction. Come meet our beloved authors and discover their marvleous novels for yourself!

Fitzroy Authors.

A Regal House Imprint

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